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State Law now requires all Washington marijuana retail stores with a medical marijuana endorsement to have a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant on staff.

Single Seat - $350

Multiple Seats - $333 each

Continuing Education - $75

All Washington marijuana retail stores with a medical marijuana endorsement are required to have a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant on staff.

To be a Medical Marijuana Consultant, you must first take and pass a state Department of Health approved training program. MM411 Inc. has been approved by the State of Washington Department of Health to administer the certification program. Our approval number is: MM411 INC – TRNG.TG.60663011-MMJC.

The MM411 Inc. training program includes the Washington State required minimum 20 total instruction hours in the following subjects:

  • Five hours- Washington state laws and rules relating to marijuana
  • Two hours- Qualifying conditions and the common symptoms
  • Two hours- The short and long-term positive and negative effects of cannabinoids
  • Five hours- Products that may benefit qualifying patients, based on the patient’s condition, any potential contraindications and the risks and benefits of various routes of administration
  • Two hours- Safe handling of marijuana products, including strategies to reduce access to minors
  • Two hours- Ethics and customer privacy and rights
  • Two hours- The risks and warning signs of overuse, abuse and addiction

Washington State Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification Course – Important Information and Course Pre-work

General Information and Instructions
Course Syllabus
NEW Medical Marijuana Law 7-1-2016
Links to Additional Resources

Section 1 Overview
Section 1 Course Work – Washington state laws and regulations pertaining to marijuana – 5 hours

1 – Mandatory Requirements
2 – Once your application is received
3 – Final Steps
4 – Washington State laws and rules
5 – Supplemental Materials – Questions and Answers
6 – Bonus Questions and Answers
7 – FAQ about implementing i502
8 – Enforcing Recreational Marijuana
9 – Authorization Database
10 – Product Compliance
11 – Rules in Progress
12 – Consultant Certification Program
13 – Authorization Form Instructions
14 – Chapter 69.51 RCW
15 – Medical Marijuana Authorization Form
16 – State of Washington FAQ on Taxes
Section 1 Quiz

Section 2 Overview
Section 2 Course Work – Qualifying Conditions and Common Symptoms of Each – 2 hours
1 – Qualifying Conditions
2 – FAQ
3 – New Study Finds Marijuana To Be Effective Against Depression
4 – Marijuana as Medicine
5 – Marijuana and Cancer
6 – Review of the safety and efficacy of marijuana for the treatment of commonly state approved medical and psychiatric disorders
7 – Emerging Clinical Application for Cannabis and Cannabinoids
Section 2 Quiz

Section 3 Overview
Section 3 Videos
“What is Cannabidiol (CBD)? Easily Explained
5 Must Know Facts About CBD

Section 3 Course Work – Short and Long Term Positive and Negative Effects of Cannabinoids – 2 Hours
1 – Potential Short Term Effects of Cannabis
2 – Potential Long Term Effects of Cannabis
3 – Child Development Problems When Used During Pregnancy
4 – The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabis and Cannabinoids
5 – Scientific Studies Showing Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells
Section 3 Quiz

Section 4 Overview
Section 4 Videos
An Introduction to Medical Cannabis Dosing – With Dr. Dustin Sulak

Section 4 Course Work – Products benefiting Patients based on Condition; Potential Contraindications; Risks and benefits of Routes of Administration – 5 hours
1 – Products That May Benefit Medical Conditions
2 – Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis
3 – Medical Marijuana – Clearing Away the Smoke
4 – Medical Uses of Cannabis and THC
5 – Medical Marijuana and the Mind
6 – Diseases Where Medical Marijuana Could Have an Impact
Section 4 Quiz

Section 5 Overview
Section 5 Course Work – Safe Handling of Marijuana Products Including Strategies to Reduce Access by Minors – 2 Hours
1 – Safe Handling
Section 5 Quiz

Section 6 Overview
Section 6 Course Work – Ethics and Customer Privacy Rights – 2 Hours
1 – Ethics
2 – Physician’s Code of Ethics and Medical Marijuana
3 – The Ethics of Legalizing Medical Marijuana
4 – Medical Marijuana – A Primer on Ethics Evidence and Politics
5 – Medical Marijuana Prescription vs. Medical Marijuana Recommendation
6 – Patient Bill of Rights
Section 6 Quiz

Section 7 Overview
Section 7 Course Work – The Risks and Warning Signs of Overuse, Abuse and Addiction – 2 Hours
1 – The Risks and Warning Signs of Overuse, Abuse and Addiction
2 – Common Effects of Marijuana Over Use
3 – What are the Health Effects of Marijuana Abuse
4 – Medical Cannabis Uses, Effects and Warnings
Section 7 Quiz and Course Completion Notes
Section 7 Quiz
Course Evaluation

Applications submitted to Department of Health must include:

  • Proof of age (see the website for documents that are allowed)
  • Proof of CPR Certification (send a copy of your certificate)
  • Proof of completing a DOH Approved Consultant Training Program (send a copy of your certificate of completion)If you

If you have submitted an application already and missed one of these documents, you can quickly get it to the Department of Health by:

In Person: Come to DOH in Person (Town Center 2 Directions)
Or Mail in: See address on application

If you have a question about the status of your application, you can email the address above or call the Department of Health credentialing unit at 360.236.4985.

Your Course Includes:

  • Instant access to your online class and materials
  • Multiple videos
  • An understanding of Medical Marijuana
  • Information on the Washington State Law
  • Research material included
  • Lifetime, unlimited access to enjoy this online module(s)
  • 24/7 access to course modules. Access again, anytime for personal review or as a refresher
  • No Time Limits
  • Start Anytime
  • Work on your own time and at your own pace
  • Affordably priced


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