Legal Cannabis Facilitators

Neil K. Juneja

Neil Juneja is the founder of Gleam Law. His vision was to offer unique legal services. His goal was to create a professional law firm unlike any other: a firm where people could call anytime and not be billed by the minute; a firm where lawyers have a deep understanding and personal experience within  the industries they represent; an environment where pretentious lawyers are replaced with caring lawyers.

Neil represents clients in the Washington cannabis industry and is a key partner on our medical marijuana education team. He specializes in trademark, patent, business, and regulatory cannabis matters. He represents clients worldwide in trademarks and patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Neil spent 20 years working in the theatrical lighting and entertainment industry. In addition, he’s worked in the technology sector since the rise and fall of the dot com bubble. Neil is a member of the Washington Bar, the Federal Bar of Western Washington, and the United States Patent Bar.

Medical Cannabis Facilitators

Jake Felice, N.D., L.M.P.

Dr. Jake Felice, ND, LMP, specializes in chronic pain treatment and human performance improvement. He is a graduate of Bastyr University, and former adjunct professor where he taught Advanced Soft-Tissue Manipulation and Radiographic Lab Interpretation. Dr. Felice is a recognized medical marijuana education expert and blogger at  He earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State University where he played varsity lacrosse and majored in psychology with a focus on the study of peak human performance.

Dr. Felice’s comprehensive approach to pain relief blends traditional healing practices with the best of modern science. “I believe that memory, emotions, and entrenched neural patterns play an enormous role in how the mind perceives pain” he says. “One way to approach these patterns is through the use of advanced cranial sacral therapy and visceral manipulation. These treatments are unique because they work with both the physical body and our mental awareness at the same time. Therapy sessions focus on understanding how pain influences our body’s movements, and on how our relaxation and fear/pain responses affect these patterns. This direct experience eases pain and helps patients learn quickly about the direct and profound connection between our bodies and our minds.”

Selena Eon, ND

“There is no one right way; there is only a way that works for you.” – Dr. Selena Eon

Dr. Selena Eon is an enthusiastic lifelong Seattle that came from a health-minded family. Dr. Selena’s interest in natural health began in her early childhood when her father, Dr. Dean Howell [LINK NAME TO], was a student in the first graduating naturopathic medicine class at Bastyr University. Dr. Selena’s favorite books at age 2-4 were her father’s anatomy atlases. Her family introduced her to a home-grown whole foods based diet and natural lifestyle including significant time outdoors. Dr. Selena’s grandfather, W. Dean Howell, practiced dentistry in Everett, WA for over 40 years.

Dr. Selena began her medical studies when she was a teenager. She loved studying anatomy and nutrition while helping in her father and grandfather’s practices during the summers. She would eventually take over managing her father’s naturopathic medical practice in her early 20’s. Dr. Selena earned a B.S. in nutrition with a whole foods focus from her father’s alma mater, Bastyr University in 2002.

Dr. Selena Eon’s keen intellect delved deeper into the human body for another 5 years to become the first second-generation naturopathic physician to graduate from Bastyr University. Today, Dr. Selena Eon’s continues her proud family tradition by guiding people on their own path towards vibrant health from her patient-centered private practice in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Selena enjoys and excels at developing one-of-a-kind health plans utilizing a collaborative, thoughtful and oftentimes creative approach.

Dr. Selena understands that teaching and implementing appropriate nutrition, improving lifestyle choices, managing chronic pain, correcting biochemical imbalances, correcting skeletal & structural imbalances through her father’s NCR technique and delving into psycho-emotional issues are equally important factors for optimizing health. Dr. Selena believes strongly in patient education and developing a working relationship with all her patients.


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