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In this course you will learn about Terpenes. You will learn what terpenes are, why plants create terpenes and what effects the terpenes in marijuana have on different ailments.

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Learn About Terpenes In Marijuana

 In this course you will learn about Terpines. Terpenes are volatile aromatic molecules that evaporate easily and readily announce themselves to the nose. Various researchers have emphasized the pharmacological importance of terpenes, or terpenoids, which form the basis of aromatherapy, a popular holistic healing modality. Marijuana’s compelling fragrance and particular psychoactive flavor are determined by what terpenes are predominate in a strain.

Did you know that the terpene Linalool is common in both lavender and marijuana? Did you know that a terpene found in mangos, Myrcene, is one of the most common terpenes found in marijuana? Did you know that Myrcene has also shown to be an anti-inflammatory?

Dr. Jake Felice is featured in a video from Medical Marijuana 411, that discusses the various terpenes found in the plant world and specifically cannabis. Around 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis, but only a few of these odiferous oily substances appear in amounts substantial enough to be noteworthy, or nose worthy, as it were. Among them are monoterpenes, diterpenes, and sesquiterpenes, which are characterized by the number of repeating units of a 5-carbon molecule called isoprene, the structural hallmark of all terpenoid compounds. Additional white paper research, definitions and statistics related to Terpenes and The Entourage Effect will be presented. As well as Downloadable infographics of an overview of terpenes found in marijuana and a terpene specific infographic that isolates the ‘smell’ profile and what healing properties the terpene demonstrates.

About Dr. Jake Felice

Dr. Jake Felice, ND, LMP, specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and the improvement of human performance. He is a graduate and adjunct professor of Bastyr University, where he has taught Advanced Soft-Tissue Manipulation and currently teaches Radiographic Lab Interpretation. Dr. Felice is a recognized cannabis expert and is on the advisory board for The Cannabis Defense Coalition in Washington state. Dr. Felice earned his undergraduate degree from Penn State University where he played varsity lacrosse and majored in psychology with a focus on the study of peak human performance.

Dr. Felice’s comprehensive approach blends traditional healing practices with the best of modern science. “I believe that memory, emotions, and entrenched neural patterns play an enormous role in how the mind perceives pain” he says. “One way to approach these patterns is through the use of advanced cranial sacral therapy and visceral manipulation. These treatments are unique because they work with both the physical body and our mental awareness at the same time. Therapy sessions focus on understanding how pain influences body movement, and on how our relaxation and fear/pain responses affect these patterns. This direct experience eases pain and helps patients learn quickly about the direct and profound connection between our bodies and our minds.”

Dr. Felice lived in Japan and Asia for six years, studying Zen-shiatsu, Tai-chi, and earning a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. He has performed thousands of hours of manual therapy, and combines his insights into the martial arts to gain a unique perspective on the connection between pain and the mind-body connection.

Dr. Felice believes that the renewal of health on a deep level requires a shift in behavior, and a change in awareness. “I strongly believe that a large part of health is about personal transformation”, he says. “With chronic pain, the healing processes can be so different for each individual that it requires a very personalized approach. True, long term changes are made on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

Dr. Jake Felice’s clinic offers natural solutions for chronic pain and personal performance. Therapies include manual medicine, cranial-sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and medical cannabis evaluations.

Follow Dr. Felice on Twitter and Facebook and at CannabisMatrix.com

What are Terpenes?
Dr. Jake Felice – Bio
VIDEO – Dr. Jake Felice Talks Terpines with Medical Marijuana 411
The Entourage Effect
Terpines and The Entourage Effect
Additional Resources:
Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects – White Paper

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