As medical marijuana laws and regulations have expanded to more and more states, our team of medical marijuana professionals have developed a state-of-the-art eLearning program for cannabis education geared towards the medical professional.

Our online courses cover topics ranging from general cannabis related knowledge, to the new Medical Professional Certification Program, and many interesting topics such as cannabinoids and PTSD. We will continue to work to expand our course offerings and we remain committed to our state certified Washington State Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification, the annual state-required renewal learning modules, and our new state of the art Medical Professional Certification Program.

Cannabis education online courses can also be purchased by anyone looking to expand their knowledge on a myriad of medicinal cannabis topics.

As we continue to expand our advanced cannabis education and learning management system, we are creating a “knowledge vault” where students can continually access new information. Additional modules are being developed to help the patient, the consultant, and the independent learner gain a greater understanding of cannabis, cannabis related science, substance abuse, patient communication skills, professional ethics and ailments, and state-specific medical marijuana laws and policies.

Our team is and always will be committed to your education and connecting you to a better day.

WA State Certification Online Courses

  • become a certified medical marijuana consultant
    Washington State Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification
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  • medical marijuana continuing education program
    Washington State 10 Hour Continuing Education Packages
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Medical Marijuana Certification for Medical Professionals

  • Medical Professional Medical Marijuana Certification
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Individual Medical Marijuana Online Courses


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